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With a melodic, catchy vibe, Light Code T is an emerging artist out of Las Vegas, NV.

After neglecting an offer from Interscope Records in his early years of music, Light Code has revived his music with his previous EP "Intricacies", "$elf-Made" and his fresh 2019 summer EP "Code Summers".

Born into a music background, Light Code T is no stranger to the music scene. Ultimately, claiming to be the long lost heart of millennial music!

Claiming no genre, Light Code says Music is emotional and his music is made for anyone who can relate!



Originally from Anaheim, CA, MazeWest moved to Las Vegas at the age of 13 by which time he had already been introduced to the world of music as he was heavily involved in band and the drum line all throughout middle and high school.

Music, however, has always been part of his family as his grandfather bought him his first instrument (clarinet) and his father was always playing the keyboard, accordion & guitar growing up. MazeWest would spend his summers in Mexico and practiced on his grandfather saxophone’s after he had passed on.

Currently, MazeWest is working with a few local artists which most notably includes up and coming artist Light Code T who is signed to his independent record label, Thirteen23 Records. As an avid fan of Zapp and Roger Troutman, including himself playing the talk box, you can expect a WestCoast/Funk inspired album in the near future!

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